Notes for Class #6

  • D.W Griffith and Edwin Porter were two important people in the early days of cinema because they started to discover editing techniques.
  • The classical Hollywood form was known as CHF or CHM, and was comprised of an establishing shot (master shot), a two shot (medium shot) and a close up.
  • The juxtaposition of two shots put one after the other to create cause and effect is called the Kuleshov effect.
  • This also creates something called “the third thing,” or tertium quid, which is how you feel after you see the two shots (ex: A shot of young actors sitting, eating and drinking merrily, and running lines together, followed by a shot of children in Uganda. The tertium quid is the shame or disgust that viewers will feel watching this).
  • Offline editors are the ones who come up with the rough cuts of the sequences, and online editors put all of the pieces together and add the sound and stuff.
  • There is a surprising number of offline editors that are women, but online editors make a lot more money.
  • When movies are awarded for editing at the Oscars, it is the offline editor who is honoured.

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