Notes On Symbols In The Movie “The Return”

  • Water: Reflects the mood. For example, when everything seems okay, the weather is sunny and the skies are clear. When there is tension, it rains. If you take the Christian allegory towards it, you could interpret that the rain is cleansing, purifying.
  • Shoes: The father always tells them to take off their shoes, which could symbolize the fact that, at the end of the movie, Andrei becomes like him, stepping into his father’s shoes.
  • The Towers: Could symbolize courage. Ivan didn’t jump off the tower at the beginning of the movie, and he didn’t fall at the end. He is called a coward, but yet he always stands up to the father, so is he really a coward? Is his brother Andrei really brave or a coward?
  • Their father: If we are taking the Christian approach to this, then Ivan and Andrei’s father would be Jesus Christ. The way he is laying in bed at the beginning and in the boat, dead, at the end show this. Also, the way he offers his sons bread and wine at their first dinner together symbolizes receiving communion.
  • The Camera: Memories, something they don’t have of their father, who left years ago.

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